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Ski Club of Manchester local skiing

We have regular ski meets at Manchester's indoor slope, Chill Factore. Some are purely social events while at others the club provides instructors on a fairly informal basis.

N.B.  You must be a member of the Ski Club of Manchester to participate. It is possible to join on the day provided full payment is made. Details and application form here.

Check our events page for dates and times and join the mailing list for updates and reminders of meets.

It is up to each individual to book the slope for themselves in advance. SCoM members can get a 15% discount by presenting their membership card at "Guest Reception" when booking in person or with the discount code shown here when booking by telephone (0161 749 2222). Bookings can also be made online but do not benefit from the Club discount. However the summer Chill Factore Lift Pass discount of 20% is currently available when booking online.

SCoM Chill Factore minimum standards

As a pre-requisite for any of the Ski Club of Manchester, SCoM, bi-monthly sessions at the Chill Factore, members must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Be able to control and link turns.
  • Be able to control speed and direction.
  • Be able to stop safely.
  • Be comfortable with variable piste conditions.
  • Be competent to use a drag lift to the top of the main slope.

More details on standards can be found on the Chill Factore website. These requirements apply to both instructed and non-instructed SCoM sessions.

If you cannot meet the minimum standards above, you will be asked to leave the slope and you must pay for your own lessons with a Chill Factore instructor. Only once you have achieved the minimum standards above will you be able to join any SCoM session.

Coaching and instruction

SCoM pay for the provision of Ski Instruction from the Chill Factore during the build-up to the ski season and throughout the winter months (September through to February). Typically three or four ski instructors are hired for our Tuesday morning sessions and one for Wednesday evening sessions. In addition, our own Club Coach — John Cook, provides ski coaching to the membership THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE YEAR. John’s coaching is provided on a voluntary basis and is subject to his availability, however, he attempts to be at as many Chill Factore sessions as possible.

We differentiate between instruction and coaching to reflect both the qualification and insurance that is being applied to the particular session i.e. that provided by the Chill Factore Ski School, or that provided by SnowSport England (of which SCoM is registered as a Club and John a Coach). On a practical level instruction and coaching at the Chill Factore are similar in nature.

Should you wish to build your skills over the whole year, consider talking to John and making use of this free club resource. John is qualified both as a Coach (IVSI and SSE Level 4) and an Instructor (BASI Alpine Level 2).

Ski Mornings

Ski Mornings are usually every second Tuesday in the month. Book ahead directly with Chill Factore to be sure of a place on the slope. We also have Friday morning meets in October and November when there will be moguls on the slope. We'll have a single instructor on those days.

On the days where we provide coaching (September through to February) the instructors will be available from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. We all ski and chat (some can even do both together!!) and go for coffee or lunch afterwards.

Coffee shop — Costa Coffee — opens 9.00am.
Slope opens 7.30am.
Jennifer Bridgland will usually be there to meet and greet from about 9.30am.

Ski Evenings

Evening social ski / meets are usually every fourth Wednesday in the month. From September to February the Club provides an instructor from 7.00pm to 9.00pm for those who wish take advantage of free tuition and John Cook will be on hand for additional coaching. Again we go for a coffee, chocolate or beer afterwards.
Val Poole will usually be there to meet and greet from about 6.30pm.

News from the Chill Factore

Tuesday Morning 9th April 2024. Reporter: Janet Winstanley

We enjoyed our first Tuesday morning session this April, on freshly groomed and very quiet slopes. The summer sessions, both morning and evening, are an excellent opportunity to maintain ski legs whilst the slopes are quiet. Plus, there is the added bonus of receiving advice from John Cook when he is available.

Please note that there are exceptions to the normal SCoM session dates for May due the slopes being closed for maintenance and hopefully the installation of new snow-making equipment.

Wednesday Morning 7th February 2024. Reporter: Janet Winstanley

16 members skied at the Chill Factore with 3 instructors plus John Cook. The snow, as usual on a Wednesday morning was well churned up, after being skied on by 90 early morning skiers. I didn't ski myself, but took down the names of all the members that made themselves known to me or I managed to find.

I know it can sometimes be difficult to be ready for a 10 o'clock start, but there seemed to be more than the usual number of the late-comers.

Towards the end of the session, unfortunately, one member had a tumble. I am glad to say that she was advised by a doctor to take it easy for two weeks, after which she can get back to her normal activities.

I was pleased to learn that the Chill Factore have invested in new snow-making machines. They will remove all the old snow and produce new snow. It will take a few days to complete, so will be done in the summer when the interest in skiing is at it's lowest. I will keep members informed when closure dates have been announced.

Wednesday Evening 17th January 2024. Reporter: Val Poole

7 members enjoyed an evening at the Chill Factore. There was some challenging skiing as the result of lots of moguls, however with the expert guidance and encouragement from Phil the instructor, 6 members took full advantage of tackling them.

We welcomed new member Gary Hobson who reported back how much he enjoyed the evening and said he benefited hugely from Phil’s guidance.

The evening was off rounded by a visit to Weatherspoon’s Castle in the Air for refreshments.