Ski Club of Manchester local skiing

We have regular ski meets at Manchester's indoor slope, Chill Factore. Some are purely social events while at others the club provides instructors for on a fairly informal basis.

N.B.  You must be a member of the Ski Club of Manchester to participate. It is possible to join on the day provided full payment is made. Details and application form here.
The free coaching we provide is not not suitable for complete beginners.

Check our events page for dates and times and join the mailing list for updates and reminders of meets.

It is up to each individual to book the slope for themselves in advance. SCoM members can get a 15% discount with the code which is published in the newsletter or by presenting their membership card at "Guest Recepotion". Bookings can be made at reception, online or by telephone (0161 749 2222). There is a £1.99 Credit Card fee but the normal £2.99 telephone booking fee will be waived if the discount code is used.

Coaching and instruction

SCoM pay for the provision of Ski Instruction from the Chill Factore during the build-up to the ski season and throughout the winter months (October through to March). Typically three ski instructors are hired for our Thursday sessions and one for Wednesday evening sessions. In addition, our own Club Coach — John Cook, provides ski coaching to the membership THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE YEAR. John’s coaching is provided on a voluntary basis and is subject to his availability, however, he attempts to be at as many Chill Factore sessions as possible.

We differentiate between instruction and coaching to reflect both the qualification and insurance that is being applied to the particular session i.e. that provided by the Chill Factore Ski School, or that provided by SnowSport England (of which SCoM is registered as a Club and John a Coach). On a practical level instruction and coaching at the Chill Factore are similar in nature.

Should you wish to build your skills over the whole year, consider talking to John and making use of this free club resource. John is qualified both as a Coach (IVSI and SSE Level 4) and an Instructor (BASI Alpine Level 2).

Ski Mornings

Ski Mornings are usually every second Thursday in the month. Book ahead directly with Chill Factore to be sure of a place on the slope.

On the days where we provide coaching (October through to March) the instructors (3) will be available from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. We all ski and chat (some can even do both together!!) and go for coffee or lunch afterwards. Contact Julie Dean-Roberts in advance if you want to join the lesson.

Coffee shop - Café Extreme - opens 9.00am.
Slope opens 10.00am.
Julie Dean-Roberts, Janet Winstanley or Brian Alcock will be there to meet and greet from about 9.30am.

Ski Evenings

Evening social ski / meets are usually every fourth Wednesday in the month. From October to March the Club provides an instructor from 8.00pm to 10.00pm for those who wish take advantage of free tuition and John Cook will be on hand for additional coaching. Again we go for a coffee, chocolate or beer afterwards. Book ahead directly with Chill Factore to be sure of a place on the slope and contact Julie Dean-Roberts in advance if you want to join a lesson.

Additional evening mogul sessions run from 8.00pm to 10.00pm and there is a £5 per person charge to offset the cost of the instruction.

News from the Chill Factore

Updated Sunday, September 6, 2020

Reporter Brian Alcock

This is just a quick update about conditions at Chill Factore. On the 26th August I went as planned. The slope was in excellent condition firm even snow which was skiing very quickly and was delightfully empty as included pictures show. I been informed that the slope is now capped at 70 people max though when I went there was never more than 15 people. Having said this, those people didn't seem to understand the principal of social distancing and despite the rule of wearing face covering many were barefaced (please insert adjective of choice). I mentioned this to an attendant who said there were masks available at the check- in desk but despite warnings by staff a few were flouting this rule. If you're planning a visit and you find this threatening best to make your opinions known to Chill Factore.

Now a quick reprisal about the season just past. Because of the influence of new instructor's many of whom have worked overseas for some years, I have found sessions at Chill Factore very rewarding they have influenced all the instructor's in a positive way, breaking the BASI or nothing hold on opinions. I personally found this most refreshing.

And let's not forget John Cook who has gone from strength to strength this season. His easy approach of setting manageable goals has been very popular we may even have to duplicate him?

Having said this it's been written that some find the sessions boring. Well unless we include marching bands or possibly 'Magic Mike' I can't find an answer to this.

I can't say what the coming season holds, everything clubwise appears to be on pause. Unfortunately I've had no information about the committee's intentions. Personally, I intend to step down from the meet and greet so good luck to whoever takes over.

Good health to you all and good skiing.