Data Protection Act 1984

The Ski Club of Manchester is subject to the above Act because members' details are stored electronically. As an Unincorporated Members' Club we can claim exemption (and avoid a fee of £75) provided members are informed of the data held and the purpose for which it held. The notification below fulfils our obligation as an Unincorporated Members' Club.

The following details are held on protected databases by the Secretary (Andrew Walker), Treasurer (Janet Winstanley) and Alan Brown:

Full Name and Address, Telephone numbers, Email address, Type of membership, S.C.G.B. membership number (if applicable), and for some members the month and year in which they joined the Club, gender, date of birth and ethnicity and Club activities attended.

Names and Addresses, Telephone numbers and Email addresses are by held by all members of the committee.

This information is used

  1. to keep members informed of Club activities.
  2. to verify eligibility for Club activities.
  3. to provide Snowsport England, annually, with the number of Club members and the names, postal and email addresses of those members for insurance cover.
  4. to provide SCGB with a list of SCGB members who are also SCoM members. Names, postcodes and the relevant SCGB membership numbers are forwarded.


  • Full Name and Address, Telephone number, Email address, gender and date of birth are by held by the Holiday Organisers (David Shepherd and Helen Richardson) for members booking Club holidays.
  • Names, Telephone numbers and Email addresses are held by the mailing list admins (Janet Winstanley and Steve Wardle) to verify membership and in case of problems with email.
  • Names and Email addresses are held by the social media admins (John Weatherell, Iain Macintosh, Vanessa Miller and Tony Shaw) to verify membership.

No private information will be disclosed by the Ski Club of Manchester without agreement from the Member(s) concerned.

If a member does not wish their details to be held on an electronic database please contact the Club Secretary.