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The UK Supa-Sprint Triathlon — Nantwich — 11th May 2024

Reporter: Ruth Bacci

No doubt we all wonder how to keep fit and ready for our Winter Ski Seasons. Well — did you know that a few of our members are becoming interested in short and Olympic distance Triathlons? The core stability and leg strength you need for Swim-Bike-Run is ideal for building that skiing engine!

Huge congratulations to Caro Brown for completing her first Super-sprint triathlon in Nantwich (South Cheshire) at the end of May. The Triathlon at Nantwich is the second oldest tri in the country and is a great introduction to the world of Triathlon for anyone looking for a new challenge, to get back in to fitness, whatever your driver may be. The swim is held in Nantwich’s outdoor brine pool which is the only inland brine pool in Britain. It opened in 1935 and is 33 yards long which equates to just over 30 metres.

Caro completed the super-sprint, which consists of 200m swim in the lovely heated outdoor saline pool, 10k bike and 2.5k run. A few of us gathered to cheer her on. Caro completed the bike course on a mountain bike (proving that you don’t need an aero road bike to overtake!) and was a life-long loather of running, until recently when she completed a couch to 5K training regime.

She completed the course (without sweat — literally and I vouch for that!!) in a very credible 1 hr 12 minutes.

Paul Latham is a Triathlon veteran and decided to start his triathlon season also completing Nantwich Tri. Paul completed the Sprint distance (400m Swim, 21k bike and 5K run) in a speedy 1 hr 14 minutes.

Paul’s strongest discipline is running, but over the last year he’s been spending time in the pool and on his bike — getting some hill practice in Mallorca! Whilst he is a serious competitor (normally competing in TeamGB qualifying events), he enjoys supporting local triathlon events and new comers to the sport.

In his own words…

“For me the highlight of the event is the fantastic support — from the general spectators and also I am a member of the local triathlon club and it was great to see our members out in club kit entering the event, volunteering as marshals and standing along the side cheering everyone on. The weather was good on the day although it had rained the day before which made the grass a little soggy for the run which is always harder work. All in all a great day out — as ever as a keen tri addict I wasn’t satisfied with my own performance but that is the nature of the sport, we never are and keep coming back for more to better ourselves — look out it can be addictive!”

Well done both — you smashed it!

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