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Ski Club of Manchester Zell Am See Holiday — January 2024

Reporter: Chris Fildes

All went smoothly, until my skis were loaded onto another coach at Salzburg. I found them later when they were unloaded at Zell, to be taken up to our hotel. Is Brian Allcock still searching for them?… Oops!

On Sunday 28th January the weather was perfect, but the snow conditions weren’t. Icy surprises awaited us, including ‘Hell’s Balls’ bigger than golf balls!

By 10am we found ourselves on the Notorious Black 14 run. Halfway down a boarder crashed into Ian Massey who landed heavily on his back, and then the boarder collided with me! I slithered downhill on my stomach feet first, trying to stop, skis and poles adrift! The boarder eventually became entangled in the fence below. Are you OK he said? — shaken, I didn’t reply. But when we stopped for a coffee I said “I think I’ve fractured a rib”.

Ian was suffering with back pain and he left us after lunch, I should have gone with him.… Later when I struggled to reach a lift, I was helped by an amused guy who placed both hands on my bum and pushed. Ooh… I’m not sure who had the most pleasure!

On returning to base, we joined the queue to have our skis edged & waxed!

What at a way to celebrate a Big Birthday! I was presented with a special cake at dinner (sparklers and all) it was amazing. And I managed to cut it into 62 portions!

The weather was good for most of the week, and the slopes wern’t as icy. But on Thursday the weather deteriorated as forecast. So three of us decided to take a day off to get X-ray’d at the-state-of-the-art Medical Centre. 1.5 hrs later we were sorted and on our way into Town for lunch. If only our British hospitals were as efficient!

In the evening we were entertained by a talented duo with music from the 80’s. Did you know Brian Allcock is a talented musician, Guitar and Vocal? His Yodelling is impressive! The staff joined in and danced with us, but it was Julie who stole the show!

On Friday the weather improved, light snow flurries and reasonable visibility. We made the best of the day. Andrea, you skied well!

Our hotel was excellent, the staff really nice. Janet and I were amazed by our spacious room, and appreciated the absence Austrian twin bed’s! The pool was quirky, it had a projecting walkway at the far end… ouch! A crash-hat would have been useful!

Injuries during the week include, 3 fractures, a sprained ankle, and a ruptured ACL ‘Caro the Heroine’ helped folk in distress, unfortunately damaging her thumb in the process!

Most agreed they definitely want to return.

So A BIG THANK YOU to David Shepherd, Tony Shaw and other committee members for organising this excellent holiday.

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