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Autumn walks weekend 2023: Sunday 10th September — Arnside Knott, to be ‘or Knott’ to be?

Leader: Dave Miller

Reporter: Chris Fildes

While the seven escapee’s set off to catch the train from Arnside to Leighton Moss, we plodded on up ‘The Knott’ passing a mysterious ‘message in a heart’. The view across the Kent estuary is usually tremendous, but today it was mostly hidden in the mist.

Two days earlier, the famous ‘Arnside Bore’ swept down the estuary and was at its highest. (Spring and Autumn are the best times to see this phenomena). During the tourist season a warning siren sounds twice as the bore approaches.

After a refreshment break, we descended southwards through Arnside Knott Wood eventually reaching a track leading to the remains of Arnside Tower. (The other Pele Tower)

By this time ‘stair rods’ or ‘cats and dogs’ came to mind and we were drenched as we climbed up through Middlebarrow Wood and down towards Elmslack to return to Silverdale, where we joined the rest of our group for a drink and a chat in the Royal Hotel.

Thunder rattled around all afternoon, however ‘Storm SCOM’ abated by 6pm as we walked up the road for our curry at Cinnamon Spice.

This was an enjoyable walk. But not sure about the atmospheric conditions, we’re a hardy bunch though!

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