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Autumn walks weekend 2023: Sunday 10th September — Arnside Knott

Leader: Dave Miller

Reporter: Wendy Barlow

After a great walk on Saturday with 13 members and 5 doggies we once again joined Dave and Vanessa Miller at the Silverdale Hotel for the Sunday 8 mile walk to Arnside Park and The Knott.

At the start of the walk Dave recommended a detour to the original plan as it was very muddy, so we made our way over the fold to cliff top.

All well with weather at this point until we descended to the beach for a short coffee stop, when the sky went black and the heavens opened and it chucked it down so we all got completely soaked. Poor doggies tried to shelter in the rocks but came out like drowned rats.

At the bottom of The Knott, 7 of us and Barney decided to get the 13:20 train from Arnside to Silverdale, while the hardy group carried up to The Knott. Lucky for us the train stopped right next to Leighton Moss where we took shelter and enjoyed a nice hot drink and a chat.

We then walked the 2 mile back to the Royal and met the rest of the group.

Paul, Helen, Phil and myself who were not staying over then enjoyed the fish and chips from the famous Arnside Chippy for our tea. while the others went for a curry at Silverdale.

A very enjoyable weekend thanks to Dave and Vanessa and a very friendly group.

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