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Summer Garden Party, Sunday 23rd June 2023

Reporter: Jen Bridgeland

SCoM members don’t let the weather put them off having a good time so despite some heavy rain the Garden Party was well attended with over 30 members coming along for food and chat and general enjoyment.

A big thank you to Caro for the warm welcome and hospitality, also to Jane for co-ordinating the food, a great spread as usual with a wide variety of choices — well done SCoM cooks.

It was lovely to catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while, so busy chatting I forgot to have a tour of the new caravan — oh well, next time.

I did do the tour of the garden and vegetable patch however, both were looking up to their usual standard, the raspberries especially looked (and tasted!!) magnificent.

As a cat lover I was enjoying making a fuss of the beautiful and very sociable cat that seemed to be getting itself very comfortable in the conservatory. ‘Your cat is beautiful’ I said to Caro, ‘I don’t have a cat’!, she replied Oops! One fed up cat ejected back out into the rain!

All in all great food, good company and a lovely time had by all — except for the cat.

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