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Tenpin Bowling 26th February 2023

Reporter: Derek Kennedy

The inaugural tenpin bowling tournament took place on Sunday 26th February as planned at Tenpin East Didsbury.

It was somewhat disappointing that only 12 decided to take part but everyone enjoyed it and all were keen to have another outing later in the year!

Phil Hayward was the star of the show with 2 scores of over 160. I really don’t know how he managed that as the bowling balls were rough and Chipped and often veered off the intended line. Well that’s my excuse anyway!

For me it was an unusual night as I went there in a pair of blue sketchers and came home in black Hi Tecs. Well at least Brian Winstanley had a good laugh when I looked down before taking my shot at pool and said “those aren’t my shoes”

For a while I forgot to change out of my bowling shoes and when I did there was only one pair of shoes left in the dark corner where we had been bowling and naturally I assumed the were mine. I did manage to work out who had taken mine and we swapped back at Alpe d’Huez.

I’m going to research alternative venues in Manchester City Centre for late Autumn and hopefully that may encourage more members to attend and I’m going to assess the quality of the bowling balls!

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