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Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting September 2022

Reporter: Derek Kennedy

The Winter Chill Factore sessions commencing on 14th September have now been arranged and will be advertised the September Newsletter and usual sources and will include Mogul Sessions. But it was recommended that members check with the Chill Factore before travelling as roof leaks could still be a problem!

Final arrangements for the December 2022 trip to Val are underway and the January and March 2023 trips remain full with waiting lists in place.

The proposed September Social Drinks night has had to be rearranged and will now take place at the end of October

Arrangements for a speaker at the AGM, on 7th October, are being finalised.

Social events for 2023 were discussed and it was decided to add a Cycle Ride and Tenpin Bowling to the usual program.

The time is fast approaching when it is necessary to consider Holiday options for the 2023/2024 season, and to offer more resort options. It was agreed to consider splitting the January trip between two hotels provided they are close together, so there would be approximately 30 skiers in each hotel. The reason being is that our options are limited when trying to find hotels prepared and able to accommodate 50 to 60 people.

The possibility of obtaining Sportswear clothing with the club name and logo on, is still being explored provided it can be sourced at a reasonable cost, and hopefully it can be ordered direct by each member and not in bulk via the club.

It was clarified that whilst in future the £10 admin fee would still be added to the deposit required by tour operators, this would be deducted from the final balance for all members completing their booking. Hence only those who pay a deposit but subsequently drop out will be ultimately be liable for the £10 admin and of course lose their deposit should the place not be refilled.

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