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Mid-Summer Walk, Saturday 2nd July 2022, Charlesworth Area — Peak District

Leader: Helen Richardson

Reporters: Pete & Anne Burton

We started the walk in Lymefield, Broadbottom situated on the border of Greater Manchester and Derbyshire (about 3.5 miles from Glossop). There were 13 of us on the walk plus Chris’ two delightful dogs Freddy and Fozzy. The weather conditions were perfect.

We were given a Royal send off from HRH who was coincidentally tending her allotment in Lymefield!

The first part of the walk took us through Broad Mills Heritage site and along the River Etherow. An excellent reminder that this was once home to one of the largest textile mills in the area. There are several remnants of the past with useful information boards outlining the history.

All that remains of the gasholder is a stone rim. The information board explains how this worked. It was used to light the Broadbottom Mills as gas gave a better light than oil or candles.

Our walk progressed to Hodgefold, where we passed the old dye Vats and followed parts of the Cown Edge Way to Chisworth.

We then reached a very delicate situation where our walk took us through what appears to be private property with a beautiful garden. But much to the dissatisfaction of the resident it is in fact a public right of way. So, Helen briefed us to walk through swiftly and silently unable to comment on its beauty until we had cleared the exit.

Still climbing through to Higher Chisworth, we reached Robin Hood’s Picking Rods where Andrew created our very own ‘Angel of the North west’. Sadly, he couldn’t make it a permanent fixture!

We stopped for our packed lunch in a sheltered spot which happened to be on a frequent flight path to Manchester Airport (surprised to see so many planes given the current flight reductions). Steve’s absence was duly noted and we did miss his usual Eccles Cake handouts. However, Dave had that one well covered on this occasion.

After lunch we continued with a climb then began our descent from Coombes Edge heading to Dave’s house where Dave and Andrea very kindly laid on tea, coffee and cakes, followed by Prosecco with strawberry for those wishing to partake. Their garden is a delightful oasis of beautifully manicured lawns and colourful flowers and shrubs. They made us all very welcome — thanks so much Dave and Andrea.

We then resumed the walk over a hay field and along a disused railway track until we reached the end of the walk back at Lymefield.

A few of us then finished off the day with a quick drink in the local Harewood Arms Pub before heading home.

Thanks Helen for leading the walk. All your preparation made it a huge success and was much appreciated.

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