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Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting April 2022

Reporter: Ruth Bacci

Chris Fildes talked the committee through the social calendar until Oct. Everything is in order with the End of Season Party (low acceptances thus far), Mid-summer walk and the Garden Party now arranged. Andrew Walker has also secured the speaker for the AGM (it's going to be another interesting one, so stay tuned!)

The Chill Factore sessions were next on the agenda, with the committee hoping to make some changes to arrangements. We agreed that next season we would start the sessions early (in September) and cancel the sessions in March (as these had very poor attendance). Ruth took an action to assess the attendance figures for last season to understand where the club could fund additional coaches to reduce the sizes of the classes. The committee are also working with the C/F to understand when they will be running freestyle sessions next season to see if we can avoid these and thus half the slope being unavailable.

David Shepherd and Tony Shaw provided an update on holidays season 22/23. Both Val d'Isere and Sauze d'Oulx are full. The committee discussed when the research should begin for 23/24 season - this to be in October/November 2022. There was also a discussion on whether or not we could consider Inghams holidays, in addition to Crystal. The committee agreed to investigate options with Crystal first, and should we struggle to propose good options that Inghams will be investigated later. The challenge is that Inghams do not release the holidays until two months after Crystal and do not provide free places (SCoM distribute the discount evenly to all members).

The committee are investigating new merchandise suppliers and have an aim to release merchandise options (initially hoodies) for next season.

The committee agreed to release the annual survey by the end of May.

We reflected on the busy holidays that the club have had this past season with Covid measures and injuries to assist with and we agreed that for each holiday going forwards that we would form a 'per holiday' WhatsApp group with only attending committee members so to facilitate efficient communications and quick decisions and help to members should they need.

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