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Message from the Chair

From: Ruth Bacci

As the new chair, I wanted to take this opportunity to write a piece introducing myself for those of you who don't know me so well. I joined the club in 2005, seeking skiers who could help me progress with my skiing (I certainly found that!). A few of you know that I also play in a brass band, and it was this hobby that eventually led me (strangely enough) me to skiing.

After touring with the band to the Tirol in 2002, to visit our federated alpine band we were invited back by players in the band who promised to teach us to ski that following winter. It was then when my skiing adventures began.

I returned to Lermoos every winter for seven years, to try to perfect my Austrian ski style with the Tirolean band members (still working on that style now!!).

I started to meet ski club members at the ski fit sessions we used to host at Urmston — Steve Wardle, John Weatherall and Alan Brown are the very first members I met (that I recall) at these sessions. My first club holiday was Flaine in 2007. The French alps really opened my eyes to all that I hadn't explored, and the club members made me realise that I really had so much more to learn on my skis! I'm very grateful for those members that have skied with me over the years and helped me to improve. It's a tremendous club for meeting skiers and developing skills and experience and It's helped me so much over the last 17 years in so many ways.

It's for that reason that I'm passionate about the club and doing what I can to help run it. The Chair's role is really a glorified coordination role. There are so many others on the committee that are responsible for keeping the club ticking along (as you know), that make what I do easy. I still have a lot to learn about club affairs and it seems even after being on the committee for over six years there's not a committee meeting that passes by where I don't learn something new! Over the last few years, the committee have endured some very challenging changes with GDPR and the Pandemic, all of which I believe we have adapted to well.

More recently we have started to learn how we should contribute to the world’s sustainability agenda.

In my 17 years tenure in the club, it has been 'Great Skiing, Great Company'

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