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Ian Harford

Ian Harford Reflections

In some ways we could say that Ian helped move the club into the modern age of new technology, and used his managerial and strategic experience as a senior officer of the WEA to develop, and negotiate on behalf of the club, comfortable in his role as club chairman. A major step forward was the negotiation to have club sessions at the Chill Factore.

I enjoyed Ian and Lyndsay’s company on the first St Christoph Holiday when he was less inclined to ski faster than us. It was good to read the lovely way in which his terminal care and funeral was arranged.

Pat Ashworth

My Thoughts about Ian Harford

It was always interesting and fun to meet up with Ian, whether in the Lakes at The Larches, or in London after one of Lindsay’s concerts with the Hallé Choir.

He had an enquiring mind and was always interested in things, asking us questions on architectural matters that we should have known the answers to but didn’t — on things like stone gateposts and abandoned farm buildings. His belvedere, up above the back of The Larches, was a fantastic thing which gave rise to a search for high-level viewpoints around the world. We discussed the building of the Monte Rosa hut — I thought of him when we finally saw it from Zermatt a couple of weeks ago. He was well-travelled, and The Larches was (is) full of interesting objects — he and Lindsay were always welcoming.

When he found we were keen on trail running, he started a new tradition for the Lakes weekend of doing a trail run the day before the walk, which was fun but tiring. I also remember a gate-vaulting episode near the Lanefoot Farm campsite — don’t think I could do that now.

He was an intellectual, a natural leader, vigorous and fit, and full of life. We miss him.

Liz Moore

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