Ski Club of Manchester newsletter articles 2021

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July / August 2021 get pdf*
Chris Fildes was the Fly on the Wall at the July committee meeting and enjoyed the summer garden party. The midsummer walk is covered by Bill Matthews and John Lymer recounts some of his history with the Club.

May / June 2021 get pdf*
David Shepherd has a few words about the late John Ashurst, Lindsay Harford describes life in Seattle in her letter from America and Helen Richardson and other SCoM members meet in Jane Fairclough's garden prior to it's opening to the public as part of the National Garden Scheme. After an interesting description of how he learned to ski Ian Cartwight explains how to access a hidden Gully in Derbyshire. Tom Russell was the Fly on the Wall at the April committee meeting.

March / April 2021 get pdf*
Tony Keats recounts his winter ascent of Pen Hill on skis (with photo's), John Lymer loves Moguls and gives some tips on how to master them and John Wilkinson describes the Via Ferrata La Tovière with some dramatic photogrphs he took there. Sadly, we also have to report the death of John Ashurst.

February 2021 get pdf*
Ruth Bacci was the Fly on the Wall at the January committee meeting.

January 2021 get pdf*
Rick Mayers shares some photographs from his Burnt Hill winter walk.

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