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Ski Club of Manchester, Happy Returns at the Chill Factore

Reporter: Val Poole

It seems such an age since most of us have set foot on skis, so it was a most welcoming opportunity not to miss to take a day off from a very busy work schedule to enjoy some very much needed ski practice.

On 14th October the reception area of the Chill Factore echoed with familiar sounds of club members cheerfully catching up with each other, for many it was the first face-to- face get together since being booted off the French mountains’ in March 2020.

It was a fabulous turn out with 23 ski club members enjoying a morning skiing receiving excellent coaching at the Chill Factore. With temperatures being a steady minus 4 degrees C in the skiing area there really was no time to be hanging around to chat. Most of the members were busy getting in a few runs before being taken off to their perspective coach. Luckily, the groups were small, two to three per instructor, this was brilliant as we made the most of the opportunity to practice techniques. Some of us feeling a touch rusty as it had been almost 20 months since the horrendous journey some of the club members had made back from the mountains.

Despite the slopes being busy, with half covered in the dreaded moguls, which to one’s surprise one managed to accidently veer onto them after attempting some bizarre ski technique Mel was encouraging myself and Debbie to practice. I’ve got to say I was happy I was wearing a helmet; I managed to stay upright and negotiate my way off the moguls back onto the main slope. At this, Mel was either flabbergasted or amused after all she had taught us to do, watching the haphazard technique I used to get myself out of trouble.

A few changes have been put in place to ensure safety, most importantly it is now compulsory to wear a helmet, at this I was mortified as I had not got my helmet. I was assured the hired helmet had gone through a rigorous sanitization and quarantine process before each use.

After two hours of skiing it was time to properly catch up with various peeps over a coffee.

Oh, I must mention I got a free cake as it happened to be my birthday!

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