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Ski Club of Manchester, Back to Skiing at the Chill Factore

Reporter: Janet Winstanley

23 members met at the Chill Factore for the first SCoM session after a long gap. For many, including myself, it was the first time on skis for well over a year. It was good to see many familiar faces and also to meet three new members.

Since it was a Thursday morning club session, we had three Chill Factore instructors and our own SCoM instructor John Cook. The three Chill Factore instructors where Mel, Kev and John.

It is good to know that they will be our instructors for the next five months. Mel wanted to instruct the group who were new to skiing or lacked confidence. Some members chose to free ski and the remainder were instructed by John, Kev and John Cook. All in very small groups.

It is suggested that, once you have attended a session, you continue with the same instructor. That way there will be continuity with your instructor, who will be able to help you develop through future sessions.

As usual we adjourned to Costa for a well earned drink and a chat.

Please note that for October and November, when booking online, Factore are offering a 10% discount on lift passes. If you book at the desk at the Factore you will receive a 15% discount provided that you show your SCoM membership card.

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