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Burnt Hill Walk above Glossop

Reporter: Rick Mayers

Happy new year to everyone and hopefully a close to a compete rubbish year for a lot of us, from the lack of skiing to the personal loss felt by many people.

However, we must look forward with a smile, be grateful for what we can still do even in this latest lockdown and eagerly await the good times which I am sure are now on the horizon.

This current skiing season probably has been written off, but if you are an optimist you never know there maybe some late season skiing… lets keep our fingers crossed.

One thing I think we can be grateful for is the amazing countryside that is on the doorstep to many of us who live in the Manchester area. Whilst the Lake District is amazing, I still feel that the hills around the Glossop area, especially on a winter’s day in the snow, can still be stunningly beautiful and I don’t think there are many places I would rather be.

So, I thought I would share just a few photos (to follow) of a solo walk I did this new year. It was in an area called Burnt Hill off the road between Glossop and Hayfield. An area which I do know some of the membership walk a regular basis. It’s an easy walk, easily accessible from the layby car parking area and leads on to the Kinder Scout area for those who would like to go that little bit further.

If anyone else would like to share any other of their recent walks in and around the Manchester area, I am sure Christine would love to hear from you and include in the next newsletter.

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