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Ski Club of Manchester Quiz Night, Friday 27th November 2020

Organiser: Tony Shaw

Reporter: Chris Fildes

And what an enjoyable night it was too!

Topics, mostly ski related, and suitable for members of all ages!

  • Pop Music
  • Celebrity photos — including the one of Tony as a toddler, (instantly recognisable)
  • Films — The special background effects were brilliant Tony (especially Jaws 2 haha)
  • Ski related general knowledge
  • Ski objects from unusual angles!
  • Famous Alpine Bars — No problems here for most of us!

Bonus points were added if wearing ski gear!

A break was allowed between topics, after scores were submitted (As if we would cheat)!

The quiz ran over a little, so we never did discover who the eventual winner was, but who cares, it was a great night!

Well done for organising this successful event Tony.

There will be another virtual quiz to look forwards to in the near future, so watch this space!

Members can view or download the full newsletter containing this article here.