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Ski Club of Manchester September Walks 2020, The Coledale Round, Saturday 12th September

Reporter: Brian Beardsall

The high level walk group Dave and Vanessa Miller, Steve Wardle and Jim, Dave Shepherd, Andrew Walker, Brian Richardson, Bob Turner, Paul Prentice, John Concannon, John Lea, Brian and Catherine Beardsall and Peddar, assembled in the car park at Middle Ruddings for a much delayed May Bank Holiday walk. Led by Dave Miller, we set off through the village with the two dogs, Jim and Peddar, straining at the leash, following a gentle path towards Thornthwaite.

From there we turned up to go through Hospital Plantation, passing the Whinlater Forest visitor centre, before coming out onto open ground and climbing up on to Hobcarton. Here we began to feel the wind, which was gusting strongly, but despite this we paused for a breather and tea in the heather. The ascent from here up tp Grisedale Pike was steep and rugged and proved quite taxing and an early lunch break at the summit was very welcome.

The descent followed the rocky path past Hobcarton Crag down to Coledale Hause at the head of Coledale. At this point the party split with Dave leading a group of three down Coledale back to Braithwaite (see addendum) and the restcontinuing onthe Round with Steve as leader.

We carried on following the Classic Route, over Crag Hill, Sail and High moss and then started down towards Braithwaite. Between Outerside and Barrow the path divides into three and we took the middle one but Jim decided to stay high on the left hand path. After fruitless efforts to call him back we realised that he was on the right route and we had to climb up through the heather to join our new leader. From here we had a fairly easy walk down into Braithwaite and a pint at the Coledale Inn.

Many thanks to Dave for organising another great walk and to Steve (and Jim) for taking over as leaders and providing the Eccles cakes.

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