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Charles Prichard

Charles Prichard died on 8th April 2020.

Paul Herbert reports:

Charles Pritchard was very well respected in Ski Club circles and had many friends with whom he enjoyed time in the mountains. They will all miss his innate enthusiasm and great companionship.

I was shocked to hear the news that Charles had died so suddenly. He was a great companion and I could always rely on his support and great contributions to the local Ski Club activities. We shall miss him.

I remember we skied together in Klosters with his friend James in 1983. We did a challenging descent to the rail link in the company of Mark Chitty and the lady who later married Mark and their company Mark Warner was born!

He came to ski with me in St Moritz on Saturday 6 March 2004 and we had another adventurous day skiing from the top of the Corvatsch 3303 metres. It was a memorable day, which I hesitate to describe in detail! No connection, but it was to be my last season acting as a Leader for the Club. They found I had turned 65.

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