Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting April 2020

Reporter: Andrew Walker

In a break from tradition, made necessary by the coronavirus lockdown, we decided to hold our first on-line Committee meeting, using Microsoft Teams. It got off to a slightly shaky start when it seemed that we had at least one breakaway meeting in a different virtual world. However, we did in the end have 11 in the same meeting (with only two absentees), at least for most of the time. By the end it was judged to be largely successful and we decided that we would use it for some future meetings even after lockdown is relaxed.

As expected, the impact of coronavirus dominated most of the proceedings. First was the Les Arcs trip, which ended almost before it started. It might have been helpful had the French PM decided 24 hours earlier to close down the country, thus saving tens of thousands of skiers an unnecessary journey to the Alps. But he didn’t. And we didn’t think we would get very far with a complaint. We will be getting a refund of the lift pass payments, and should also get a refund from Crystal for the holiday cost. We will update you in due course on these matters.

We discussed the 2020-21 season. So far there are very few knowns and a lot of unknowns but we will be watching the situation carefully and keeping you updated. As Donald Rumsfeld said there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don't know we don't know — and it is this category that tend to be the difficult ones.

It was inevitable that the club’s social calendar would be curtailed. So far everything up the end of July has been cancelled. The late summer walk on 15 August and the September Lakes weekend (12th/13th) are still scheduled but will of course be subject to review. There may be scope for some ad hoc events over the summer, dependent on the general situation.

We liked the idea of holding an on-line lockdown quiz, and we will be keeping you up to date on this and any other events elsewhere in this Newsletter and via Newsflash, as well as on the club’s Facebook page.

On the Newsletter, we decided to stop providing paper copies during lockdown. Printing around 30 paper copies is labour-intensive, and at such a time has become much more difficult, especially as we have them printed externally. If you normally have a paper copy but can view the digital version on-line and are happy to continue doing so, please let Chris Fildes know.

For now, to quote the Queen (and Dame Vera), we will meet again.