St Christoph Holiday 2020

Reporter: Phil Jones

We were sadly missing a few regular faces from the annual SCOM January Holiday as many of the usual suspects plus a few new faces headed to St Christoph am Alberg.

The often (very) early morning airport dash followed by a slow chaotic journey was replaced by a late morning departure and ruthless Austrian efficiency – on arrival, stress levels remained low!

The Snowgods even provided a fresh layer of soft snow across the Alberg area on arrivals day — the slopes were ready for the SCOM Massive.

Sunday morning arrived and with the usual first day boot room chaos the 60+ (age and number) SCOM Massive headed out onto the slopes to be greeted by chilly overcast conditions. All returned in the late afternoon with big smiles together with stories of new lifts, Zurs, Lech and Rendl to be shared over dinner.

Monday brought a clear blue sky but conditions remained cold and crisp in places — the SCOM Massive ventured further afield with many making trips to the quieter slopes of Zug, Oberlech and Warth.

As the week progressed, temperatures increased in line with the distances travelled — By Friday, the SCOM Massive appeared to have cover every corner of the Alberg area having taken advantage of the relatively quiet slopes and good weather.

Great skiing, a couple of birthdays (Nigel and Howard), a T-Bar fall and a win (for some) in the Hotel Quiz… Another excellent SCOM holiday!

Thanks to all those that suffered my company and dragged me around the area each day (especially Dave T, Greg, Tosh, Ruth, Sarah, David and Vanessa).

Big thank you from all to the Committee for the arranging, organising, re-organising and co-ordinating!

Get well soon to those hit by injury — hope to see you all back next year!