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Gerald Harrison

Gerald passed away in March 2019 in Fairfield Hospital Bury, after a stroke. He was 87.

Long standing club members will remember Gerald well, he gave a talk or two and for many years, he was an instructor of choice for day long courses that our club ran at Rossendale Ski Slope. Gerald was also a BBC Television producer and fronted 'Best of Brass' for many years, bringing brass band music to many people who hadn't really heard much of it before. He is survived by his long term partner Fiona.

I, personally, remember going up to Rossendale when he was learning, he was so determined to master every turn that ever existed! And he did.

Trudy Lymer

I'm very sorry to hear Gerald Harrison has died. Yes, I knew him well. In the eighties and nineties when I ran intermediate and advanced ski courses at Rossendale slope for SCGB he was one of the intermediate instructors for many years (two courses each year). He was a good instructor and greatly liked by the participants.

Jane Fairclough

I knew Gerald from instruction days and weekends at Rossendale, and from social evenings at the Fairclough’s, but most memorably from an SCGB Instruction Week I had with him in La Rosiere.

Wherever, I always found Gerald to be the gentleman that all descriptions of him include. But he was more than just a gent: he oozed empathy and good humour whatever the circumstances.

He was an early adopter of the teaching technique where he would visualise something which helped to explain any changes he was hoping to instil in his groups. I vividly remember being told to ‘Think Giraffe’ on one occasion though the objective is long-gone! In La Rosiere his manner and teaching style clashed massively with the Head Coach, Stuart Adamson, who was egotistical and overly loud constantly. (And I should know because I roomed with him!) I got nothing from my time with Stuart, but everyone on the course tried to miss his days and ski with Gerald at every opportunity. Stuart told me I skied like a wardrobe while I just tried to hold onto the giraffe…

Nights at the Fairclough’s were always very sociable, and Gerald was the life and soul each time. I am particularly fond of my memory of his regularly wearing bright red (or occasionally yellow!) cords. I think his time with musicians must have had a lasting impression on his dress sense!

Fond memories of a true gentleman. I shall miss him.

Alan Brown

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