Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting October 2019

Reporter: Tom Russell

There was an extra complication this time as Ruth Bacci, Iain Macintosh and Tony Shaw were contributing via an internet link due to their work commitments. We had a few minutes of indifferent quality video before deciding to switch to audio only, but in the end had to resort to using Andrew’s phone which worked reasonably well. We also welcomed a new committee member, Val Poole, attending for the first time.

As it was the first meeting after the AGM, there was some discussion of the event and Andrew Walker was congratulated for completing it in eleven minutes. Ruth Bacci reported that her on-line survey had produced some interesting results, and the following talk by Phil Wickens was felt to be interesting and well received.

We discussed taking some of Ruth’s survey points further, then Julie Dean-Roberts reported on the Chill Factore (aka “Beyond”) skiing now that pre-season training has started.

Janet Winstanley’s treasurer’s and Rick Mayers’ chairman’s reports were also discussed.

Next season’s club holidays are all full and have waiting lists. There was some discussion about holiday lift passes, which will be available to members when appropriate, but Brexit complicates the finances and we have to be careful not to risk the club losing money.

The change of venue for the Christmas meal was chewed over (sorry, couldn't resist that) and it will be interesting to see how it goes down.

The 2020/2021 holiday planning will begin in November when Tony Shaw begins discussions with the holiday companies, and consideration may be given to offering train travel rather than air travel to and from resorts.

AOB included a look at subscription fees, which the survey revealed some members thought were low.

After 90 minutes the meeting concluded and we all went home to calm down with our Ovaltine, ready for next time’s excitement.