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John Weatherell, 1948 – 2019

In his youth John lived in County Durham, but later moved to Manchester with his family. He and Fran were introduced at a wedding and it wasn’t long before they married. They have two children Matthew and Jane and two granddaughters, Aliya and Lauren.

John spoke of his granddaughters often, they were a big part of his life. His son Matthew, who lived at home with them, was very supportive, taking his dad to the Chill Factore and to SCoM meetings when John became unable to drive.

At the funeral, Aliya sang the emotional entrance music, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”.

The opening words were given by Lauren. She told us how their granddad had played such a huge part in their childhood, and also how important it was to for us all to remember John as he was before he became ill. The exit music was Rod Stewart’s “I Am Sailing” reminding us how much John and Fran enjoyed their cruising holidays. A picture of John and Fran, taken while they were on a cruise was displayed in the chapel.

Fran wishes to thank all SCoM members for attending John’s funeral. £1125 was raised on the day for MND, all of which was gift aided (allowing an extra 25% to be claimed by the association) and she thanks SCoM for arranging the gift aid forms. (A few more donatations are promised).

I’m sure Club members will be able to recall their own special memories of John. I for one can remember John saying “Live your life Chris.” And when I became the Newsletter Editor he was a great help to me, by sending me snippets of information and interesting articles to help fill spaces.

My memories of John and I am sure his friends will say the same, how caring he was and would always be there to help and make sure we enjoyed our days and of course the Apres Ski where there was some stories of dancing on the tables and skiing back down in the dark just in time to catch dinner. Even up to seeing him a short time ago he enjoyed us reminiscing of the good times we had.

We will miss you lovely John. … Wendy xx

It is really weird. I met John at Chill Factor and standing on the top of the slope, gassing, as you do, he mentioned his junior school, Sugar Hill Junior School in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. As we swapped details, it became apparent that I remembered talking to him just as he was about to leave for new school. We were in the top class and it must have been a break time and raining because I can remember sitting on a window cill talking to someone I had never spoken to before. We were a class of 50 and I didn’t know everyone. It turned out that a new school Vane Road was to open after Easter and he was to go because it was closer to his home.

Why I have remembered those details so clearly, I don’t know, but Brief Encounters!!

From age 11 to 50+ before I met him again. Knowing the older John it’s obvious why I would remember him and why his loss will be felt very keenly by all those who knew him.

Liz Beatie

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