Reporter: Chris Fildes

Day 1 — Sunday
Skied with Janet Alan and ‘the boys’, aka Ian, John, and Roger.*A free lift pass (I’d rather be younger).for me this year! I soon realised I should have had an earlier breakfast ‘cos It was 10.15am before we set off for the slopes. Thanks for your patience ‘boys’. We took the Grand Motte funicular and then found the cable car to top was closed. We eventually skied back down to the resort and took the Tichot and Col des Ives lift’s. I followed the ‘boys’ down the unpisted black run … ugh! Eventually we skied over to Les Brevieres for lunch. (Janet ate her butties in solitude elsewhere) … Later in the afternoon the visibility deteriorated, and some of us actually finished skiing before 4pm.

Day 2 — Monday
Janet and I joined up with Paul, Julie, Wendy and Gail for the day. The weather was perfect and the snow the night before had been replenished. Lunch was in the cosy Le Triffolet restaurant above La Daille. Janet was in for a long wait again, however she whiled away the time watching the antics of folks taking off their skis and putting them on again without falling over, (mainly Brits).
Oh, and we visited Le Folie Douce on the way back. (Well we were on holiday)!

Day 3 — Tuesday
So then there were four of us, Wendy decided it was best to stay to assist Gail, who’d sustained a knee injury (not too serious fortunately). Another deep blue alpine sky day (plenty of sun cream required), and the weather remained good for the rest of the week. Janet and I ducked out of the unpisted black run down to Le Fornet. We viewed our team’s progress from the restaurant at the end of the run. The Millers were there too having already skied down. Apparently the huge icy moguls at the end were testing.

Day 4 — Wednesday
We went to Les Breviers again. On the final run down we joined the crowds at the Chalet du Bollin for the famous Gay Pride celebrations, the 4th year in succession to be held in Tignes. We failed to find Wendy in the crowd, but far away in the distance on the other side of the valley, edging their way carefully down a couloir, we spotted 3 intrepid SCoM members, one was unmistakably our club secretary Andrew, just a mere speck in the distance! The female vocalist was superb, the atmosphere scintillating and the performers costumes spectacular, feathers ‘n all. A micro light swooping above us was towing a banner, a drone buzzed around the crowd taking photos and skiers on the piste rocked to the music as they passed us by … all added to the great atmosphere.

Day 5 — Thursday
Janet made her way over to Val for an overnight visit to meet up with friends Catherine and Brian. (Barry Lewis had been taken to Bourg to have plaster removed from his Achilles and Jonquil was away visiting her daughter).
The plan was to ski blacks and off pistes & pause for a photo stop by the Aiguille Percee on the way. We made the most of the perfect snow conditions by skiing the ‘Face’ and the ‘Sache’ and I won’t forget Silene!
(Paul and Julie looking for extra rough stuff en route)! This time we managed to meet up with Wendy & Gail for the Pride Week celebrations! As we ‘swayed to the rhythm’, Wendy perched on a table danced with style! It was late when we got back down. The short cut to the hotel boot room was a tricky icy slither (and no, it wasn’t due to excess alcohol)!

Day 6 — Friday
With ski buddy Janet partying in Val. I joined up with Debbie, Ian, Jen, Graham and Bernard, so there were six of us. We made the most of our last day and skied on the Glacier above Val. The ‘Boarder Run’ from Grande Pre lift was faaaast!*! (I came off at the second bend)! But I managed to complete. Bernard skied it twice, was there any stopping him! What a great final day. Good company, good weather, and not least, good snow! Meanwhile, Paul and Julie were impressed by TDC’s excellent half day off piste tuition were buzzing, as were other club members who took advantage of the TDC Courses.

Summing up

It was another a brilliant week. We enjoyed excellent snow conditions and superb weather.

The Hotel Diva was first class, convenient for the lifts and the staff attentive.

The evening buffet was tasty and plentiful. We were all given tickets (1 for each meal) to hand in on entering the restaurant. This seems to be the norm in Tignes. I don’t think you’d be turned away if you’d lost one? … Breakfast well, baked beans mixed with carrots wasn’t to everyone’s taste nor were the scrambled eggs, (bring back the porridge I’d say)! There were plenty of cold alternatives though.

Some bedrooms were short of storage space, The solution, take less gear next time. The lounge and bar area was comfortable and Entertainment was provided most evenings, which was fine for those speaking fluent French, but quite noisy and some of us found conversation difficult. Needless to say the Irish bar next door proved popular!

Tony did a good trade with the SCoM badges, and Val’s red pom-poms were a sell out, (profits for a good cause). Look out for the pop-poms next year, It’ll be easier to spot SCoM members on the slopes!


We were all on the correct coaches this time, but due to our late arrival on the outward journey some of our luggage had to go on another coach causing concern. On the return transfer there was a delay at Chambery, so nothing else to do but sit, relax and enjoy the sun in our usual spot on the lawn and wait… and wait… Tony wasn’t too pleased!

All agreed it was an excellent and memorable holiday. We’re looking forwards to another visit to Tignes soon. Very well done to the organisers, especially Tony & David. You did us proud!