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Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting January 2019

Reporter: Rick Mayers

Another new year and the committee have been finalising the 2019/2020 ski holiday choices ready to issue in this newsletter.

It was decided that on future holidays, two members of the club will be nominated as the main contact for distributing lift passes, etc. David Shepherd and Rick Mayers have volunteered for the March Tignes holiday.

As you will see later in the newsletter, the club has again received certification as an Affiliated Member of Snowsport England. We have also included an explanation of the benefits of being an affiliated club member.

The committee are always open to any suggestions made by club members, whether it be potential club holiday resorts or social events. Unfortunately, the recent Raclette night planned for 11 January was cancelled due to lack of support, the committee thanks Christine for her efforts and it could hopefully be something we could rearrange out of the holiday season.

We intend to carry out a survey about holidays and other club events or requirements, but as we are in the middle of the holiday season, we will not do be doing it right now. However, please approach a committee member on any event with any suggestions.

Have a great ski season.

Members can view or download the full newsletter containing this article here.