Ski Club of Manchester, Late Summer Walk 8th September 2018, Ingleborough Circular

Walk: Leader David Miller
Reporter: Brian Beardsall

Back in '68 The Seekers used to sing "Somewhere there is sunshine" but it certainly wasn't Clapham on Saturday 8th September. We had rain, but it didn't deter eight of us from turning up in the car park at 10am. Accompanying the dogs, Peddar and Jim, were Dave, Vanessa, Barry, Bill, Andrew, Steve, Brian and Catherine.

We set off through the village past Ingleborough Hall, through the tunnels and on beside Clapham Beck to reach Trow Gill, then on to Long Scar. The rain continued and by the time we reached Nick Pot there was a bit of discussion as to whether to continue. Bravely we decided to continue up towards Ingleborough summit. We lasted about ten minutes before the rain and descending cloud persuaded us to turn back and retrace our steps. We descended down to meet the Pennine Bridle Way and, taking advantage of a let up in the rain, stopped for lunch. Once again Steve provided everyone with Eccles cakes which were greatly appreciated. After lunch we dropped down into Crumach Dale to view the limestone pavements, made up of clints and grykes, with the unique flora in the grykes. From here we made our way back up to the PBW and along to the Clapham Beck. To continue down we crossed to the west of the beck and then made our way, past the Ingleborough Cave, and on through the Farrer Estate back to the car park. The Old Reading Room provided a very welcome end to the day with tea and cakes.

Many thanks to Dave and Vanessa for organising the walk, we had a very enjoyable day out, despite the weather. Also thanks to Steve for the Eccles Cakes.