Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting August 2018

Reporter: Caroline Brown

At the last committee meeting we realised that it has been quite a few years since members were asked directly for their views on club holidays and other social activities. Since the last survey we have welcomed a lot of new members and both the holidays and the non-skiing events the club organises have diversified considerably.

So, we are putting together a short questionnaire to find out what people think of what we do now.

  • Is there anything we don’t do any more that you miss and would like us to reintroduce?
  • Is there anything we don’t do that you would like to see offered?
  • Is there anything you do that might be of interest to other members?
  • What sort of event would you like for the Friday night winter socials?

Have a think and when the survey comes out around AGM time in the autumn you will be ready to give us, the committee, your ideas for your club.