End of Season Party - Saturday May 12th 2018

Reporter: Chris Fildes

At 7.30pm on a pleasant sunny evening in May, we gathered at Barry and Jonquil’s for the end of season party.

After a slow uptake for this event there was a massive surge which resulted in 30 of us attending!

The food contributions were delicious as usual (Thanks to Jane for the coordination).

With the exploits of the 2017/2018 season’s skiing to discuss, and the club’s social events, inevitably thoughts turned to the coming 2018/2019 season and the popularity the Club Holidays.

I enjoyed chatting to Shantha about her forthcoming holiday to Sutherland (my favourite area in Britain) which held my interest for ages! And I’ve resolved meet up with Jane for doggy walking in Cheshire soon.

Before I realised it, the evening was drawing to a close and I hadn’t had time to catch up with everyone, so I hope to resolve this at the Garden Party in July.

Many thanks to Barry and Jonquil our hosts for this successful annual event (sorry if we left you with all the dishes to wash!.