Most of you will know by now that I have given up skiing for good!

I had the most terrifying accident in Sestriere in January. Skiing a nice wide blue run round the mountain I caught an edge and went up and over the bank, came to a stop on a ridge of rock and heather. Face down, skis still on but crossed underneath my feet. They were new Cloud Nine — skied on for a couple of hoursattheCFandadayandahalf on the slope. Wendy heard the scream, Brenda and Dave soon caught up. A ski instructor came to me and took off my skis, tried to pull me up to my feet but my boots were twisted in the deep snow. I kept shrieking for him to stop but no! He left me thank goodness — and then I sorted myself out. Trying not to look down at that steep slope where I could easily have ended up!

How to get back to the slope? Tried to climb back but my boots went through the crunchy top layer of snow and I was up to my knees. The rocky ridge went upwards toward the slope and after a long time and great effort I managed to get almost there. Dave came down and ‘bottomed’ me up to the run.

No way was I putting those skis back on. A blood wagon arrived and I opted to sit up. The ride was hilarious! Straight of the blue and onto a red, fortunately no blacks just like Franz Klammer. Wendy was waiting and we gave the name of our hotel. Further up the valley. A skidoo! I sat pillion and we set off, this time Louis Hamilton! That was scary!

Next day went to the Clinique Traumatique. My medial ligament was torn. Got some pain killers and a knee brace. No more skiing that week — not that I wanted to — so I slept for the rest of the time.

Anyway; I’ve not changed my mind! I’m not jealous of anyone and I don’t feel envious either.

If someone does get me on a pair of skis again, they will get a bottle of champagne!

See you at the summer party. Luv E xxx