Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting November 2016

Reporter: Andrew Walker

There was a light agenda for the November Committee meeting, but there were two items of interest to club members. John Weatherell reported that the Chill Factore sessions were going from strength to strength. There had been a record attendance at the previous Thursday session, with around 60 attending. The only problem was that Costa Coffee was overwhelmed with the deluge of skiers afterwards and couldn’t keep up. Maybe you should bring your own tipple with you in a Thermos flask.

The other item was the one in which almost everybody is interested: where we’re going for our holidays in 2017/18 and beyond. Well, we don’t know yet, and won’t be able to start making serious plans until the brochures come out over the coming weeks, but we decided we would draw up a pick list of locations for future seasons. I know you all think that everything is so well planned it must have been easy, but we often end up agonising about where to go and what numbers we should be considering, and whether we can be confident about the snow. So we thought that what we should do was to draw up a list of resorts for each of January, February and March, and pick from that list rather than having to go through the selection process each time. It’s probably no secret that Val d’Isere is the choice for December holidays. As for the remaining holidays for the 2017/18 season we shall be deciding that early in the new year. What does seem pretty inevitable is that the fall in value of the pound is going to increase prices, but as always we shall be looking for the best deals we can get. You should also bear in mind that the deals we get are usually very much more favourable than you could get for individuals or small groups.