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Ski Club of Manchester, Late Summer Walks 10th and 11th September 2016

Walk: Leader David Miller
Reporter: Brian Beardsall


We assembled outside the Barbon Inn in the village, a group of nine accompanied by Dolly and Peddar. Apart from Dave and Vanessa, the others were Barry Lewis, Roy Dearden, Anita Baker, Steve Wardle, Dave Turner, Richard Baldwin and Brian and Catherine Beardsall. Sandwiches and early morning coffee had been obtained at the really excellent village shop and we set off on time in warm and sunny weather with the forecast good for the day.

After a short walk through the village we turned off into the driveway of Bardon Manor. When we reached the first crash barrier for the Bardon Hill Climb we peeled off onto a bridleway that followed the course of Bardon Beck before turning south towards the Red Rose Caving Clubhouse at Bullpot Farm. From here we walked below Hoggs Hills along Casterton Fell, leaving the path to climb up to the Trig. point above Brownhills, and then on down towards Casterton, stopping for lunch along the way. It was very easy walking and not too wet underfoot.

At Casterton we turned north towards Bardon. Along this path we spotted a large boulder in a drystone walled pen and pondered why it was there and what it was. Fortunately we came across a lady picking blackberries who informed us that it was one of a series of 'art works' by Andy Goldsworthy. This one was just part of a series of twenty four thereabouts and there are similar stones all over the country.

The last part of the walk took us across parkland and we arrived back at the village shop for tea and cakes.

Our thanks are due to Dave and Vanessa for leading such a well organised walk and also to Steve for yet again treating us all to Eccles cakes.


Following the very successful walk on Saturday Dave and Vanessa very kindly agreed to lead a second walk on Sunday. We assembled in the chuch car park at Leck, that is, the four dogs, Dolly, Peddar, Barney and Wally accompanied by Dave and Vanessa, Barry and Jonquil Lewis, Steve Wardle, Dave Shepherd, Wendy Barlow and Brian and Catherine Beardsall.

As a concession to Sunday we had a leisurely start and set off at eleven. The walk was in the new Lancastrian addition to the (Yorkshire) National Park and set off in gentle fashion along Leck Beck up to join Ease Gill. The weather was perfect, pleasantly warm and, more importantly, dry which was more than could be said for conditions underfoot.

We made our way up Ease Gill to the point where the stream emerges and stopped for lunch. Again Steve kindly supplied us all with Eccles cakes and so fortified we continued on our way northwards over to Bull Pot Farm.

From here we turned south to visit Ease Gill Kirk, a large cavern used in the past as a church by persecuted sects, and the caves further on. From here the way home was over moorland, punctuated rather frequently by large stiles. Apart from the effort of heaving tired bodies over these we had the logistical problem of getting the four dogs over. We arrived back at Leck church at five o'clock and, the tea rooms all being closed, set off to our homes.

Thanks again to Dave and Vanessa for organising another very enjoyable walk introducing us to all the interesting Limestone features along the way.

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