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End of Season Party - Saturday May 7th 2016

Reporter: Elizabeth Sampson

Barry and Jonquil’s ‘End of Season’ party on the 7th May was, as usual, lovely with lots of delicious food and things to eat (the guests weren’t too bad either!). Quite a lot of people were away this time enjoying themselves elsewhere so the turnout was not as many as expected but this in no way detracted from the evening. In fact, there were seats to sit on and time to catch up with people and all the dishes were as tasty as ever with plenty to go round. Bill brought a beautifully cooked salmon and there was some very interesting Thai food from Caroline and Alan amongst all the other lovely original dishes which I for one, thoroughly enjoyed. There was a delightful selection of deserts including lovely cheesecake, fruit salads and some whopping meringues - I can’t remember everything we had but those who were not there missed a super spread and lovely company.

It's always good to catch up with skiing friends at these events and a very big thank you to Barry and Jonquil for once again, inviting everyone into their home. Hopefully, I will be able to go to Caroline and Alan’s "Summer Spectacular" in July and do it all over again. Yum.


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