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An Amusing Tale From St Christoph

Four intrepid skiers skied to Stuben and caught the number 90 bus to Sonnenkopf, just through Klosterle. After a day’s skiing in Sonnenkopf the plan was to do the trip in reverse, being at the link chair in Stuben before 4:15.

When the number 90 bus arrived they clambered aboard, but after a couple of minutes of travel the route didn’t seem correct. The leader asked a lady if the bus was bound for their intended destination. With a “ja, ja, ja” they continued on their journey. After a further 5 minutes the lady obviously had doubts (and so did our skiers) and she asked another lady if the bus was going to Stuben and was clearly embarrassed to find it wasn’t. Her geography was as bad as our skier’s. All she knew was that it was the correct bus for her destination!

With Stuben getting further away in the opposite direction, a debate took
place between the group of Austrian ladies as to what action our skiers should take. One of the Austrian ladies went to speak to the driver and the conclusion was that they stay on to Bludenz, some 30 or so minutes away. At this point the idea of getting back to Stuben was abandoned. All they wanted to do was to get to St Anton. In Bludenz, a town somewhat like Bolton, the bus driver suggested catching the train.

With no sign of snow, nor ski lifts and totally out of place carrying their skis, they checked at the station for the next available train to Vienna which stopped at St Anton. Having an hour to spare they decided that a drink was in order. Clomping into a bar, much to the amazement of the local drinkers, they had their drinks.

What is unusual about a group of people wearing helmets and carrying skis going into a bar. Just better when it is a bar in a ski resort!

The final ignominy was at St Christoph. Because they were first on the bus at St Anton Station and first off at St Christoph the skis were buried as far back in the rear container as possible and were almost impossible to extract. The impatient bus driver decided to set off before the skis were unloaded. Hanging on to the back of the bus banging on the window the driver came to a stop and finally the skis were unloaded.

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