Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting February 2016

Reporter: Andrew Walker

We are always looking to providing a varied range of holiday options to meet a range of needs. We had considered weekend trips, and although we wouldn’t run these as standard club holidays there seems to be a latent interest which could be met by small groups organising their own trips and seeing who else wanted to go.

Winter social events vary in popularity, and it can be disappointing for someone to go to the trouble of booking a speaker to find that only a few turn up. We are considering what sort of events to have in future, which may be a mix of talks and purely social events.

Ruth Bacci had in a previous suggested that the Committee use Yammer (a sort of professional social media tool) for Committee discussions. Emails can get out of hand, and Yammer is a way of organising discussions under subject headings. Ruth demonstrated it at the meeting, and the Committee agreed to trial it between 1 March and the next meeting on 18 April.