Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting December 2015

Reporter: Ian Macintosh

Here is a taste of some of the items that came up in the most recent SCOM Committee Meeting...

Positive feedback was received regarding attendance at the Chill Factore instruction sessions. Members do need to be reminded that they should register their attendance in advance of each session to allow instructor and group planning. Lots of members turning up on the night can cause significant grouping issues.

There was a discussion about extending these sessions into the summer as the slope could possibly be quieter then. The discussion also included the potential for adding racing and mogul sessions to the calendar. Members...what do you think?

It was agreed in principle that the club will run four, 7 day holidays in the 2016-17 season.

An idea was discussed in regard to the potential to add long weekend trip(s) to the club calendar. It was decided that these would probably not be booked as official SCOM trips, however the club could be used as a communication tool to facilitate them. Scotland was suggested as a potential location. Have any members got any ideas or views on this and/or want to get involved? The committee would love to hear your feedback.

The committee has commenced a review of some of the available SCOM membership data. An initial finding was that 215 of the 501 individuals who had been a member at some time over the last five years were "dormant" i.e. have never been on a club event, CF session, club holiday, walk, etc. This represents over 40% of the membership over that period! Can any member provide any suggestions or feedback as to why this is the case?

Please do get in touch with me via my SCOM email address before the end of January and I will ensure that all feedback finds its way to the appropriate committee member before the next committee meeting.