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Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting December 2014

Reporter: Rick Mayers

The meeting’s main discussions as you will expect at this time of year, with the first of the clubs annual holidays just on the horizon and the announcement of the club’s 2015/16 holidays in the New Year; was the possible venues for the holidays. As usual, John Weatherell will be doing his upmost to find the members some great hotels at very reasonable rates, but as yet no firm decisions have been made.....the search continues.

As part of the discussions on the club holidays and administering the bookings, it has been recognised that over the past few years David Shepherd has been doing an amazing job, but due to the increase in the number of holidays the club now offers, additional help is now needed. If any of the members feel that they can be of assistance, please contact Vanessa Miller. As you will appreciate the holidays are run by members for members, which is why we can give such great value for money.

As some might be aware, an unofficial evening in Manchester was held and was a great success, thanks for the organising skills of Ruth and Ian. Further events are also to be organised, so keep an eye on the SCOM Facebook page and if you haven’t already joined, send a request today.

Lastly, as most will be aware, we are an ‘Accredited Snow Sport England’ ski club and as such have good links with SSE. The committee are looking into various possible additional events with the help of SSE and hopefully something to look forward to in the new year..

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