Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting 15th September 2014

Reporter: Ian Harford

The end of the SCoM financial year approaches, so it's practicalities to sort out for the October AGM - finalising accounts, priming for the speaker, arranging for nominations etc. It was good to welcome as a guest Ruth Bacci, who's agreed to stand for next year's Committee - but thought she'd test the water before full immersion!

Discussion soon moved to planning activities for the coming year and holiday possibilities for 2015/16. John Weatherell had been ringing around. Initial soundings were suggesting cost increases of up to 10% in 18 months time. France prices looked especially high. Should we try Italy or Austria again, or even holiday accommodation spread over three chalets to keep costs down? No final decisions, but the search for suitable venues would continue.

Discussion turned to an old chestnut - how can we encourage more members to get actively involved in the work of building SCoM? New members are joining with different skills and there's plenty more that we could do. So our Chair Vanessa urged all of us to each present a new idea, a new approach at the next meeting. No excuses!

The buddy system we've now got for all new members is working well. OK so let's build on this. We agreed to arrange a 'holiday buddy' for each new member on ski trips. The buddy can introduce them to others and suggest suitable ski groups. New members would be asked to produce a short bio so other members would know a bit about them.