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Chair's Report To The SCoM AGM October 3rd 2014 - Vanessa Miller

My report this year is all about celebrating SCOM activities from holidays to all other events that have taken place. I did something rather different this year by creating a film showing all the events that have taken place throughout the year. Sorry to those who missed that, I will try to think of some way to make it available.

But before that was shown I made the following comments.

Thanks went to the committee for their tireless efforts in keeping the ship afloat, and everyone who has assisted with paperwork, buddying, and organising events.

This year in addition to the ski holidays and socials we have progressed significantly with the chill fac events. Providing free lessons monthly over the winter months on Thursday mornings with chill fac instructors and during most of the year on Wednesday evenings with our own instructors.

Special thanks go out to John Weatherell for organising it all and John Cooke, Paul Sharp, Andy Poole and Rick Mayers for providing their services to coach our members at the Wednesday sessions. These sessions are proving very popular so get down there.

As always we provide information to the membership via the newsletter, Yahoo group, newsflash. And in addition our face book page is really taking off with about 65 members regularly sharing photos and information. If you have not taken a look have a go, links provided via the website. The site is closed to non members.

The committee are in the process of planning for next year and we are constantly striving to make operations slicker, watch out for the new look membership cards coming out, and check out the website for more information on discounts.

As always suggestions and feedback are welcome. Remember you don't have to be on the committee to help.

Some achievements throughout the year are shown below.


SCOM membership enhancements:

Chill Factore sessions including instruction

Activities and socials during the year

Ski holidays including TDC instruction

Face book


Buddy scheme

Extra discounts via website

Committee Success benefits:

Working smarter/committee milestones

Membership cards

Development of SCGB relationships

Snow mark accreditation

Assistance with holiday administration

Increase in membership

Chill Factore relationships

Members can view or download the full newsletter containing this article here.