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Brian & Janet’s Tour of The Cheshire Lanes, June 29th 2014

By Nigel Koenen

After meeting at YE OLD NO3 PUB lay by at Little Bollington and having adjusted Christine’s saddle, 5 of us set off on the 46 mile bike ride.

We cycled along back lanes past a model airplane runway, watching a yellow plane coming into land and then we joined the Cheshire Cycleway CCW and Chris led us around a loop along lanes past ARLEY HALL. Then we rejoined the cycle way and carried onto GT BUDWORTH, however we were too early for Jane Fairclough’s open garden; Chris who wanted to do the short route declined Brian’s offer to accompany her back to the start as she knew the area well!

4 of us, who cycle together often, continued onto COMBERBACH, where we left the cycle way and headed towards MARBURY COUNTRY PARK. We followed the track from the park which leads to the outskirts of Northwich, after a short distance in traffic, we took another track which lead us onto a cycle path along the River Weaver. We stopped for lunch and after discussions about which direction the river was flowing in and how it met the sea, we admired all the various riverboats and barges moored alongside.

Leaving the river Weaver after a short off road path beside Chester road. We joined the track through vale royal wood and onto VALE ROYAL GOLF COURSE, avoiding golfers and balls, after another short section of country lanes we arrived at a road closed sign, however this was on the bridge over the WHITE GATE WAY, and although we carried our bikes down some steps we were soon cycling happily in a n northerly direction, [the whitegate way is an disused railway line which has been converted into a tree lined bridle way which is easy cycling].

At the end of the whitegate way we returned onto country lanes and after skirting NORLEY we rejoined the Cheshire cycleway.

Continuing on the CCW we cycled thro Acton bridge across the river weaver and through Little Leigh, and then stopping for tea/ice cream at the ice cream farm it was back to the start at Little Bollington.

Many thanks to Brian and Janet for the route finding and organisation; it was a memorable day!!!

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