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Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting June 2014

Reporter: Alan Brown

I’m let off writing the minutes for the latest meeting. Andrew, as secretary-in-waiting, has kindly agreed to give them a go, so I’ve volunteered to do this bit instead.

The most important item for discussion was Holidays 2015/16. That may sound a long way off, but we know it’ll take ages to finalise all the arrangements before announcing anything sometime early next winter. That said, I can report that we intend to try again to organise four holidays, despite failing last year. Val d'Isère TDC Clinic in December will come as no surprise, as will a large holiday in January and a (slightly) smaller one in March. Without impinging on any of these, we intend to have a February trip. No details, but John will be looking to find a lesser-known resort with good skiing and possibly more of a niche appeal. I hope that whets the appetites of the adventurous amongst you. Any comments would obviously be gratefully received.

Then we got stuck into the less sexy but essential business that keeps the Club going. These days though, we have some new tools in our toolbox. Working Smarter is Vanessa’s title for a series of measures she’s putting in place to keep our meetings focussed and (importantly for us) shorter. The other new tool is Milestones. Every year certain things happen, like AGMs and sending out membership cards, and previously we’ve not always been well prepared. Now we know in advance what needs doing when - simple but effective!

And on that note, we’re always on the lookout for members interested in joining the committee. If that’s you, please have a quiet word with Vanessa who can provide details of what’s involved.

Enjoy the summer, and do join us on some of the events described elsewhere in the Newsletter.

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