Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting April 2014

Reporter: Andrew Walker

FOTW is a way of informing club members about key discussions at Committee meetings, as they progress from idea to execution. The club exists for its members, and they are always invited to comment and to contribute ideas.

1. The issue of club holidays is one of the most important and most discussed at Committee meetings. There is a difficult balancing act to be made between locations and numbers, and how to get the best value for club members while provided interesting and varied options. We need to plan as far ahead as possible to get the best choices and to help people with their own plans, and we aim to finalise holidays for the 2015/16 season by Christmas 2014. On club holidays long-time friends understandably want to sit together at mealtimes but there is a risk that some may feel left out, both in the hotel and on the slopes. We discussed how best to welcome and integrate new members, both during the year and on holidays, and we shall continue to discuss and review ideas.

2. Membership cards are printed every year but the production process is time-consuming. We are looking at better options, including more durable cards which can be printed by mail-merge, and have also considered the wording on the cards as well as any scope for sponsorship.

3. With the holiday season at end we discussed the summer programme, as well as key dates and locations for events such as the AGM, and speaker for social events. We also discussed the popular November City Walk, including the theme and lunch venue.

4. The Chill Factore is one our biggest local assets, and we talked about the coaching clinics and how best to use the facility