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Ski Club Christmas Meal At Pomegranate Restaurant - Friday 29th November 2013

Reporter: Helen Richardson

Almost thirty of us, including a few guests, met shortly before 7pm at the Pomegranate Restaurant, on Burton Road in West Didsbury. The Club had booked the whole restaurant, which was probably just as well, as there was much jollity and the inevitable raised voices of a crowd of people enjoying themselves, in increasingly merry mood, as the evening progressed.

Service was slick, and portions were generous. Starters included roasted stuffed peppers, chicken livers and several dip-type dishes, including yoghurt-based or aubergine-based. The main courses, including vegetarian, chicken, sea bass, and lamb, unusually came with a choice of ‘all saffron rice’ or ‘half rice/half salad’, which pleasantly catered for different appetites and tastes. The meal was nicely rounded off with desserts of baklava, ice cream or cheesecake with fruits.

I hadn’t visited this Persian Restaurant before, and I was very favourably impressed with the food and service. I heard many complimentary comments about the food, which had delicious with unusual flavours, being fragrant and delicately spiced, not hot. I’m hoping to make a return visit to try some other dishes soon!

Many thanks to Andrew Walker and Chris Fildes for arranging this meal for us.

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