Club Holidays 2014/15

Our main task on committee is to make sure that we give you the members what you want. Holidays have always been an important part of the Club, and we regularly review the feedback we receive to ensure we offer what is wanted.

Our membership has been growing steadily for many years, and we are conscious that growing demand for holidays is making it increasingly difficult to source hotels able to cater for the numbers whilst still providing that essential variety. Ideally we would also like to have places available for new members, and for those unable to book so far in advance.

So we have decided to make some changes. In 2014/15 we will organise four Club holidays. Until holidays for next season are announced by the tour companies, we have no detail, but these are the principles:

1. 17th January. Number restricted to max 50

2. 7th February. Not France to avoid the ‘half-term effect’

3. 7th March

  • (These dates are provisional until we are clearer about British and French half-term dates 2015)
  • One of holidays 2. and 3. would be more up-market (expensive!) than we have previously considered, and numbers would be lower accordingly (20) with the remaining holiday at 30.

4. In addition, we shall continue to run the highly successful TDC ski clinic to Val d’Isere in December.

As a trial we will also offer to organise an off-piste holiday with guide(s). This might include the chance to try a day tour where we climb on skins to reach untracked snow.

On the admin side, we realise that increasing the holiday activity will increase the workload of our hard-working David Shepherd, so are asking that anyone who would like to contribute to the efforts should volunteer now to Alan on or 01625 421080.

We intend to announce the details of the four holidays in the February Newsletter, but please let Alan know now if you are interested in the off-piste holiday.

As this is a departure from our ‘normal’ holiday offerings, we would of course welcome any comments or other feedback.