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Ski Club of Manchester Late Summer Walk, Sunday Sept 15th 2013, Forest of Trawden Area

Dave thought a rhyme more appropriate for this walk.
I'm sure you're all impressed! - Ed

Weather or Not?
By Dave Miller

Rather than a write up for late summer walk two, I thought I would make up a daft rhyme for you.

What rhymes with rain?
“Never again!”
That might be the first thought that scans through your brain.
But to get to the pleasure you must first feel the pain.
What rhymes with gale?
A wind battered dale,
that you must first slog through en route to the grail;
a plate of hot grub and a welcoming ale.
What rhymes with soggy?
Well obviously boggy!
But look on the bright side,
It wasn't too foggy.
Who cares about weather
when we're out together
a laugh and a joke as we tramp through the heather.
A wet walk, a dry walk they meet the same ends;
a rewarding day out with a fine group of friends.

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