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Pat & Harry’s Summer Stroll, Thursday 22nd August 2013

By Christine Fildes

On a perfect summers day, 15 members met at 52 Highfield Road, situated in Norden on the hillside above Rochdale.

We enjoyed a bring and share lunch in Pat and Harry’s delightful garden, and then set off on our walk, at a leisurely pace having eaten, well ....... quite a lot!

The footpath we took contoured above Naden Brook and Ashworth Wood to Coalbank Bridge. We then followed a bridle path to Edenfield Road, crossing it near Shepherd's Mill Bridge.

We continued up Greenbooth Road, taking the footpath up to Greenbooth Reservoir (completed in 1961). The hamlet of Greenbooth already in decline due to the mill closure in 1911 was flooded by Rochdale & Milnrow Council to provide a water supply for Rochdale. Some locals have memories of living there. We sat for a while on the dam wall to regain breath and admire the view towards Manchester.

The path contoured above Greenbooth and down the track to Lower Naden Reservoir where Brian took a group photo. (Dave’s interesting mix of prunes went down well)! Walking along contours of Lower and Upper Naden Reservoirs was a delight. The two dogs in our party played in a pool at top of the upper reservoir where a path (which we did not take) lead up onto Rooley and Scout Moors and the controversial wind farms! These can be seen for miles around, see the photos overleaf!

Our return took us along the west side of the reservoirs, with odd stops on the hillside for viewing the scenery, and then we descended and reached a disused mill. Weaving, dying and leather tanning were part of Norden’s industrial past. John Wesley visited the area quite often in the 1750’s and established a small chapel nearby.

We then turned left onto Greenbooth Reservoir embankment and made our way down through woodland to Shepherd's Mill Bridge. We Re-crossed Edenfield Road, cut through Hutchinson Road Park to Wolstenholme Fold, and Coal Bank Bridge. Then back up the hill before returning to Highfield Road at approx 5.15pm where we enjoyed welcome refreshments.

The walk was perfect! Many thanks to Pat and Harry for your hospitality, and for a memorable and enjoyable day.

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