Fly On The Wall, Committee Meeting August 2013

Reporter: Andrew Walker

At the first Committee meeting for nearly four months there was much to be discussed. We started with an introduction to Christine’s new dog, a cockapoo (not a cockadoodle as I thought), who is very cute, and busy learning his table manners.

We were without Chairman Ian and Secretary Alan, and Vanessa took the chair. Ian is stepping down as Chairman after several years of dedicated and hard-working service. After some discussion Vanessa graciously accepted the honour of becoming the new chairman, and I accepted the post of vice-chairman. We are also looking for a new Committee member. Very little recognition and no pay, but a warm feeling of doing something valuable for your club.

We are still looking at Snowmark Accreditation, which Barry and Alan are pursuing. There are several SSE-related issues, such as child protection, which although a relevant issue for SSE is not really appropriate for SCoM because of the way our events and holidays are organised.

All three club holidays for 2013/14 are full. The holidays are generally on the agenda, which is not surprising given that this is the main reason why many join the club. We discussed whether we might hold the December trip every other year rather than every year, but it is early days yet and we need to assess the level of demand.

We considered Janet’s finance report. We are still trying to get SCGB’s capitation fee, whereby it makes an annual payment based on SCoM members who are also SCGB members.

For the Chill Factore, we can use our own instructors but for coaching only, and they must be BASI 2 qualified and not teach beginners.

We also discussed the perennial problem of finding speakers for the winter meetings, but are making progress. We decided to ask Andrew Ferrari of Snow and Rock to do the AGM talk on 11 October (which he has since accepted). One of our club members, Fred Tewson, will do a show and tell February about the Manchester Ship Canal.

Last but far from least was where and when to hold the Christmas Dinner. Rhubarb in Didsbury last year was popular, but some commented that the temperature was a bit chilly, the seating was rather close-packed, and we got thrown out a bit too promptly. Christine and I have accepted the onerous duty of looking for a venue.

Christine’s most excellent home-made cakes and scones rounded off the meeting.