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St Christoph Holiday Review, January 2013

Reporter: Bethany Wedge

I usually only write a review if I have found an experience to be extremely good or absolutely terrible, the recent holiday is certainly in the former category.

As I arrived at the airport I felt slightly apprehensive as I’d only met a few people on Wednesday nights at The Chill Factore. Other than John, I couldn’t see any of these familiar faces. Anyway, I was soon introduced to the "famous" Brian and his wife Janet and all the other stragglers at the back of the queue and we began chatting away.

After waiting ages we were finally near the front when the girl announced the desk was closed and we had to join the back of the other queue! Not a great start and a black mark for Air Austria!

Then it was straight through and onto the flight. I was seated next to a non SCOM lady but could sense lots of SCOM members around who I would soon get to know.... A strange but exciting feeling! We were well fed, a chicken dinner .... Air Austria redeemed themselves!

The first day of skiing, we ventured over to St Anton. The weather was generally fine and a good day’s skiing was had, including going up to the viewing point. The entertainment for the evening was a pub quiz and with a great team we won the tie break rock, paper and scissors game and became champions!

Days two and three were difficult skiing conditions, especially for a beginner—poor visibility and snow. We did however manage to venture over to Lech on Monday and sample the luxury of heated chair lifts and also accidentally got lost off piste, ooops!

During these days, I was starting to realise how warm and friendly members of the club are. I could sit next to anyone and instantly start chatting with them. It was going to be a challenge remembering everyone’s names!

The middle of the week—Wednesday, we woke up to blue skies and sunshine, yipee! Some of my group skied over to Rendl where there was an abundance of wonderful slopes. The "advanced" skiers did the white ring challenge. We also found a fantastic buffet style restaurant for lunch and made the most of the glorious weather sitting outside to eat.

Thursday, I felt a little under the weather so didn’t ski but my ski "buddies" went on the day trip to Sonnenkopf and by the sounds of it had a brilliant time.

Friday was another almost perfect skiing day (just a bit cold in the shade) with many a picture postcard view to be had and plenty of pictures around to prove it!

Our last meal was an entertaining one, as John and co. had been to après ski at the Mooservirt and were full of stories about their antics there!

Finally, it was early to bed to pack etc. and then a 3am alarm call for the journey back.

In conclusion, a very comfortable hotel with tasty food, plenty of snow and most of all great company. A fantastic holiday!

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