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Club Holiday To St Christoph January 19th - 26th 2013

Reporter: Derek Draper

It was a nice change to depart from M/C Airport at a reasonable time. There was lots of snow lying around but nothing new. The Ingham’s Sport Hotel in St. Christoph proved to be excellent, rooms and restaurant of a high standard. The Committee, and especially Dave Shepherd and John Weatherell are to be congratulated for arranging such a trip at a very favourable price.

The staff members were all fresh faced youths, very helpful and supervised in the restaurant by a Basil Faulty lookalike - though much more sane than the original. As a matter of interest we raised over €350 in tips for the staff so they were well rewarded for the service provided. The ski hire shop was in the hotel and the skis provided were of a high standard. It was very convenient to get kitted out on arrival in the hotel. Ski passes were collected and distributed by Dave within hours of our arrival - what a star!

The first two days were pretty murky but several groups set out for distant resorts - we always seem to ski away from the resort we stay in. On the second day a number of people joined an organized tour of Lech and Zurs. Everybody was skiing blind with white ski poles. St. Anton has lots of wide open pistes - too wide when the visibility is poor as it is impossible to see successive marker posts. The runs are mostly red and blue with some itinerary routes, most of which seemed to be pisted. There are very few tree lined pistes so there is no respite from poor light.

Tuesday night was eat out according to Chalet rules. I will leave the Michelin Star saga for the wealthy members who participated to relate - No doubt the details will become more sensational with time as the facts dim with the passing years.

Wednesday and Thursday made up for the earlier murk and most people enjoyed two super days skiing. Some of those that didn’t were catching up on sleep lost listening to roommates snoring. The club should offer a prize, possibly industrial earmuffs; to the person that comes up with the best solution to this enduring problem. The remedy should be lawful and, preferably painless. Possibly our medical members could set up a field hospital on our next holiday and offer appropriate surgery to the guilty parties!

It is an unwritten rule in the club that nobody need ski alone unless by choice. Inevitably, in reality, with such amorphous changing allegiances in skiing groups there is usually some attrition and people get lost during the day - very easy in the mist we experienced on Tuesday.

Thursday and Friday saw a serious depletion in the skiing ranks and retail therapy was much in evidence. There was probably only one visit to a medical centre during the week to treat an injured knee. It is quite amazing that there were no other injuries considering our numbers and the varying weather conditions.

A word of thanks to those very patient members who, either by design or default end up piste map reading and leading motley crews of varying abilities on suitable terrain every club trip. No doubt one reason that there are so few accidents.

A three a.m. alarm, a subdued breakfast, hectic coach loading and we were on our way home landing in M/C before ten a.m.

A very enjoyable week for all!

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